Some scary folks are fabulous!


Not all scary looking people are scary. Who are they. These rugged intimidating folks are bikers and belong to the organisation, Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A.). The group protects children in abusive situations.

For children/women of abuse people like the ones in the picture are a godsend. For the victim, sometimes a little courage and support from someone on the outside, stops the process of abuse.

Most of the time, outsiders, neighbours, relatives etc think – its a personal matter, why interfere ? THIS thinking is what needs to be rethought. Its not a personal matter when some man or woman beats or tortures his or her family members. You supporting or standing up for the victim may not, at that point, do any good. But sometimes this in itself can trigger a self preservation mode in the victim and the victim gets divine courage to fight back.

So if you are in the vicinity of someone getting slapped around, don’t walk away, don’t close your door, don’t say its not your problem. Even the slightest of support can save someone’s life. (Picture Source :


Going overboard in doing things?

If someone wants to be in your life, they will make the effort to be in it. One classical trait of abused victims is that they don’t understand the idea of giving up. They keep trying and trying and trying to please and give their best to people. And sometimes their time and energy is spent on the wrong people.

If you are a victim or have been a victim of violence, watch out for times when you are doing too much for someone or something. Basically going beyond what is considered normal and put a break on it. Do so without thinking.

If you worry, that the other person will think badly of you, he or she won’t. Because that’s how normal people behave. They don’t go overboard in doing things for everyone.

So keep a watch on your behaviour, take feedback from those who you trust and keep re-aligning how you interactive with the outside world.

Supported Paediatric Heart Surgery for Girls

Eksaath raised Rs 1,40,000 for Shruti Banekar, for her heart surgery. Shruti was a 3 year old girl residing in Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Her father is a coolie and could not afford the surgery. The surgery was done by a leading cardio vascular surgical team in Belgaum.