Women are better than men?

Found this picture posted somewhere on facebook and people are applauding it. This is such a wrong way to  think in so many ways.

I don’t think women are trying to prove that we can do everything that a man can do as a way to say we are equal. Obviously our physiognomies are different. But it is more so from the point of view of pursuing opportunities or how women are treated as compared to men in a particular context.

That as women, we deserve the same shot at an opportunity, should it arise, that a man does. That we have the same rights as a man does.

It was never about we are better than them. It is always about why don’t you let us do what you let them, the men, do so easily. It is about why is there a duality in standards of what is acceptable behaviour. Why the same set of rules don’t apply to both genders.

It’s the differential treatment meted out to the women that women have been protesting against. Equality for women needs to be reworded as “equal rights for women” to pursue an opportunity.


Mom, throw your wife beating son out!

I watched an episode from ‪#‎rehaai, a ‪#‎pakistani serial, running on ‪#‎zee‘s‪#‎zindagi. And I am thrilled to watch, this fantastic, bazooka of an actress,‪#‎SaminaPeerzada, take on domestic violence, where she throws out her son for his abusive behaviour towards her daughter-in-laws.

Imagine that, a Pakistani serial, which supports women’s rights. Such a fantastic feeling to see, female empowered roles.

Never underestimate, you as a bystander, outsider, could perhaps influence the destiny of someone in a violent home. Simply by showing courage in your own life, perhaps. Or by only saying a few words of courage to those facing a violent frenzy.

Donated girls clothing to a low income school in Malawni, Mumbai


Donated girls clothing worth Rs 25,000 to a low income school in Malwani, Mumbai. The school supports some 800 kids.

Eksaath is working on more such ideas that can support girls at school. And trying to raise more clothing. If you have any ideas or wish to donate material that girls can use, please contact us.