Supported girls and women in distress.

Eksaath Foundation does a lot of campaigns for raising funds for various programs and also consumables. Few months ago we received a large donation of girls and womens clothing, some 116 pieces which included  tops, dresses, frocks, track pants, skirts and these were in very good condition. We can’t thank the donors enough.

This clothing was then sorted and catalogued. Our goal was to find the right recipients for them. It took us a long time to find girls who could really use them. And till we did, we held on to the clothing – for weeks. But we were able to find homes and shelters, where girls who came from distressed backgrounds lived, were studying, and trying to do better.

All the clothing we collected went to homes that housed some 153 girls – from young kids to young college going girls and women. Could we help all? Probably not. But we would like to. We would like to do lots more.

Eksaath Foundations goal is to help girls and women deal with emotional violence. These need not be from absolute state of poverty and violence, but sometimes from regular home leading distressful and emotionally traumatic lives. Campaign for clothing is just one way to support them.

If you wish to support Eksaath in its work, please contact us.


Donated clothing for shelter for victims of violence

Eksaath Foundation donated clothing to a home for girls who have been through domestic violence and other forms of distress.  The girls are homed in the shelter and taught various life skills. Eksaath is happy to support such girls in any way possible.

If you wish to support Eksaath in its endeavor, please contact us.


Donated clothing to shelter for abandoned girls

Eksaath Foundation donated clothing to a home for abandonned girls, girls in distress, girls who have been rescued etc.

Some of the clothing would be used for the girls at the home and some given to girls who have left the home, are working and trying to make their mark in this world.

If you wish to support Eksaath in its endeavor, please contact us.


Donated clothing to a shelter for street girls

Eksaath Foundation donated clothing to a shelter for street girls. The shelter co-ordinator Tabassum, sorted  through the clothes. What was usable and what wasn’t and she was happy with the donated lot. She took all the clothes.

As we donate clothing to girls at shelters, schools and to organisations that support girls and women, we learn more and more about how courageous they are, and how much more work has to be done.

If you wish to support Eksaath in its endeavor, please contact us.

Sportswear for girls


Sportswear donated by a Girl Scouts team in Maryland, USA to Eksaath. This was given to girls who play sports in a school in Mumbai. The girls find it tough to compete because of lack of formal wear. The girls play athletics, boxing, football etc.

Eksaath wishes to support girls at school through various initiatives. Sponsoring girls who play sports in one area. We hope to encourage more girls to play sports and compete in various sporting arena.




Charity Fund Raising Work Out by Bodyworks

Last few weeks have been very special for Eksaath Foundation. To help women deal with violence, we are creating self defense programs for girls at school and colleges. And our first program will start in November. All thanks to Venu Adhiya Hirani who owns Bodyworks, a weight management and fitness centre at Juhu.

Every year Bodyworks organises a Sweat Out for Charity program, a gruelling two hour fitness bootcamp to raise funds for social projects. This time around, Venu and Bodyworks, decided to support the self defense training program being organised by Eksaath. The camp has raised Rs 26,500 which will help start this program. This also includes a contribution of Rs 10,000 from Ms Deepa Panchal, a Bodyworks Member.

Eksaath wishes to thank Venu and Deepa, for supporting this initiative which will teach girls tactics on how to defend oneself in the event of an assault or invasion of personal space. A very special thank you to Ms Poonam Wadera who connected all the dots and bought Eksaath Foundation and Bodyworks together and made it happen.

Received clothing from a group of wonderful women

Eksaath Foundation received this generous donation of clothing. It took us a while to sort and catalogue this. Thank you to our wonderful donors and their daughters.

We hope to give this to deserving girls and women who are trying to do better in their lives. Our aim is to support girl at school and colleges who are trying to get an education, women who struggle to keep their families together and their girls/children at school.

Eksaath hope to support girls and women, in whatever little way we can. Eksaath (together) we can. If you have clothes to give away please contact us.