Dealing with Pain & Trauma Session with SYBA girls

Eksaath conducted its program with girls from second year arts. As we conducted the program and through our exercises, we found that every 3rd or 5th girl has gone through some form of assault – from inappropriate touching in buses or on the street to beating from boyfriend to sexual molestation at home.

And the thing is most girls felt hurt that this happened, but were not equipped to understand how to deal with this hurt. As is the case with all of us.

Dealing with pain requires prioritisation simply because it impacts every other aspect of our life. Is it possible to deal with pain in a structured manner? Yes.

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Managing pain and trauma session with 18 year old girls

Eksaath conducted a session with 18 year old girls. The session lasted 3 hours where we discussed how abuse and violence impacts our every day life. And how we can do things that can limit our threshold of pain.

Managing self respect is a key component to dealing with esteem issues. If we can limit assaults on our sense of self, we can learn to walk away from domestic violence situation or even tackle it the first time it happens. But dealing with violence requires a presence of mind and a strong sense of self. That its not ok for a man to hit a woman or abuse her or say mean things or emotionally incapacitating things. The threshold for pain must be low so that at the first instance, the girl or woman says its not OK. Not that its ok because I love him (boyfriend, husband, any other) or he is angry or i may be wrong or he really loves me but this or that. Violence at home is not OK. And cannot be justified under any circumstances.

Call us for a session at your college or workplace. Emotional trauma can be dealt with.

Session with girls in Third Year Bachelors of Finance

Eksaath conducted its program on ‘How to Manage Pain and Trauma’ with girls pursuing third year bachelors of finance at a womens college. This time we had an issue resolution session too where we discussed various problems girls were facing at home and work.

The program helped girls raise many issue relating to sexual molestation, parental and family abuse, lack of support – for work or education, emotional issues with mothers, abusive romantic relationships etc.

Our discussion helped girls to understand how they could start viewing pain in a different light and attempt to move past it.

Eksaath was able to resolve a pre-marital issue of a 21 year old girl who was conflicted about marrying someone she had not met. Many emotional issues get seeded more in doubt or the unknown nature of the situation one has to handle. And sometimes all one needs is a perspective.

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Awareness session with 3rd year BMS Students

A session on dealing with violence, with third year students of management. It was a 2.5 hr program on managing violence and how to respond to it, should it enter the girls life. Most girls have this preconceived notion of what violence looks like.

It’s there in text book and papers etc but to actually put it in words as to how it looks and feels is a whole different ball game. Not a very easy place to go to.

The only way we can save our girls, our women is when you free them from being victims. Free them from feeling shame. Violence is the most insidious thing and it takes even the greatest and most accomplished woman, easily down. #EksaathFoundation

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Session on Dealing with Violence with 14-15 year old girls

Eksaath conducted a program with 80 girls, age 14-15 year old. The program was to build awareness on how to think about an assault situation and not be frightened of violence. We taught them a few physical techniques that can be used to defend oneself. And did an interactive session on how to manage oneself should they encounter an assault or potential threat situation.

Thanks to our supporters the Rotary E-Club of Mumbai Indians and specially to Mr Sarath Divella, Club President.

If you wish to hold a program at your school or college or company, please contact us.