10 year old girl supports Eksaath Foundation

Few weeks back I received a message from an old friend Kalpana V, that her 10 year old daughter, had heard about the work my foundation, Eksaath, is doing work with girls in sports. And she wanted to support Eksaath. This was one of most inspiring things I have experienced in my life. That a 10 year old could think of helping other little girls. She is in the Girl Scouts in US and with the support of other members in her team, she raised Rs 20,000. Plus clothing for children as well. The discussion with the young girl and her mother, happened over few weeks from July to August 2017.

As parents the best thing we can do for this world is to raise caring children. I met the young girl, in August and had an opportunity to interact with her. And she is an absolutely delightful human being. I am sure she will do more wonderful things in the future.

Eksaath Foundation thanks her for this initiative and God bless her with joy and success in everything that she does. Ps: Name of the child has been not mentioned to protect privacy, as requested by the mother.


Donated Desktop PC for a school Lab

School Principal with the three full computer kits.

Eksaath donated 3 PCs to a low income school in Mumbai. The school has some 835 children, with 50% girls. The PCs will be used in the school lab. Thanks to our donors, Dr R.W and Mrs Dr P.R.W (They wish to remain anonymous). Dr R.W got these PCs fixed and made it fully functional. And then bought new keyboards to go with each PC. Eksaath cannot him thank enough. If you wish to donate, please contact us.

Money Clinic with teachers

Eksaath Foundation did a Money Class with teachers. The session was aimed to help the women to understand their money issues better.

The session was conducted by Mr Ritesh Sheth of Tejas Consultancy. Tejas Consultancy is a 37 year old organisation that has helped lakhs of investors in financial management.

If you wish to hold a program at your school or college or company, please contact us.

Supporting girls playing sports

Eksaath Foundation raised Rs 14,000 to buy sports wear for school girls who play sports. We closed this initiative in March 2017. The girls come from low income background and for them playing sports is something pretty amazing. This was possible due to our wonderful donors – MV Priyank, Parvin Kaur Latamba and Kevin Dasilva. The need was to enable the girls to wear something formal when they went to compete. And they can do this because of our three donors. Thank you so much. And thanks to the principle Veena ji for putting this all together.

If you wish to support our initiative to empower girls, please contact us.

Awareness session with 3rd year BMS Students

A session on dealing with violence, with third year students of management. It was a 2.5 hr program on managing violence and how to respond to it, should it enter the girls life. Most girls have this preconceived notion of what violence looks like.

It’s there in text book and papers etc but to actually put it in words as to how it looks and feels is a whole different ball game. Not a very easy place to go to.

The only way we can save our girls, our women is when you free them from being victims. Free them from feeling shame. Violence is the most insidious thing and it takes even the greatest and most accomplished woman, easily down. #EksaathFoundation

If you wish to hold a program at your school or college or company, please contact us.

Donated clothing for young women at an Girls Orphanage

We donated clothing for young women between 15-19 years at an all girls Orphanage. Thank you to our donor Mrs Hanita Ravindra Shenoy.

Eksaath is working on more such ideas that can support girls at school. And trying to raise more clothing and other consumables. If you have any ideas or wish to donate, please contact us.