Help raise funds for water tankers for villages in Beed, Maharashtra

In May 2016, we help raise funds to the tune of Rs 3,15,000 to support the water crisis the farmers were facing in Beed. The money was used to supply water tankers to drought affected families in the region. Around 24,00,000 litres of water was provided to the families. The funds were given to two well known organisations, who work with farmers and lead many initiatives to change the farming economy.

1. The Naam Foundation which is spear headed by Shri Nana Patekar and Shri  Makarand Anaspure. Naam received a donation of Rs 2,00,000 from the Rotary E-Club of Mumbai Indians (ReCMI). Special thank you to the ReCMI team – Mr Sarath Divella (CEO, Lionbridge), Mr Pravin Sawant (VP & Head HRD, 63 Moons Technologies Limited), Mr Ajit Singh (AVP & Head of Talent Management, Netmagic Solutions) and Dr Deepak Deshpande (SVP & CHRO, Netmagic Solutions) who made it happen.

Rotary team with Naam Foundation trustee Shri Rajiv Sawant

2. Fulora Foundation, which is headed by Shri Mayank Gandhi. They received Rs 1,00,000 from Rotary Club of Bombay Peninsula. A Special thank you to Mr Pankaj Vora, who organised the effort at Bombay Peninsula. Fulora also received a donation of Rs 15,000 from the Kashmiri Pandit Association, Mumbai.



Free Eyes and Medical Checkup


Organised a Free Eyes & Medical Checkup Camp at a low income school for the parents of the students. The Camp was organised with the support of Rotary E-Club of Mumbai Indians. A very special thank you to the JMRF Trust and JRD trust, who provided the medical tests and consults.

More than 180 parents were tested for the following:
1.  Blood Pressure
2. Diabetes
3. Haemoglobin
4. Bone Density for people over 40 years old.
5. Eye Checkup – including optometry and ophthalmic consultations
6. Final Consultation with physicians

The Camp outcome:
Around 50% of the camp participants were diagnosed with having one ailment or the other – cataract, anemia,  diabetes, low bone mass (1 osteoporotic),  2 Asthma, 2 Allergic rhinitis, Few Conjunctivitis, 1 Atopic Dermatitis and 1 Blepheroconjunctivitis.

Supported Paediatric Heart Surgery for Girls

Eksaath raised Rs 1,40,000 for Shruti Banekar, for her heart surgery. Shruti was a 3 year old girl residing in Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Her father is a coolie and could not afford the surgery. The surgery was done by a leading cardio vascular surgical team in Belgaum.