Sportswear for girls


Sportswear donated by a Girl Scouts team in Maryland, USA to Eksaath. This was given to girls who play sports in a school in Mumbai. The girls find it tough to compete because of lack of formal wear. The girls play athletics, boxing, football etc.

Eksaath wishes to support girls at school through various initiatives. Sponsoring girls who play sports in one area. We hope to encourage more girls to play sports and compete in various sporting arena.





Learning to block

We started our self defense program on the 15 th of Nov. Its a 40 hr course. Within a week the girls are learning to block assaults. This is just one of the moves we have taught the girls.

Eksaath is looking to reach out to more girls and women at schools, colleges and corporates. And teach them how not to fear violence. What the program hopes to do is build muscle memory or auto reflex in the event someone invades their personal space. In the event women get assaulted the fear of that assault and more so about what to do when assaulted is self debilitating.

If one goes through a program like this, we can train our girls to respond without fear. This is an absolute joy for me to see. Eksaath Foundation is custom building the program to teach girls and women deal with abuse and violence. #domesticviolence #women #empowerment #selfdefense.

Dealing with emotional harassment from ex-husband

This query was posted in a Domestic Violence Survivors group. Eksaath foundation had this advise. This would be relevant to all victims who are going are facing emotional harassment by their abuser. Most abusers live off the high they get from the harassing the victim. The victims fear feeds the abuse. The goal most often is to emotionally destabilise the victim and then go for the kill. In any abusive situation, a calm and cold unemotional response is like dousing the abusers abuse (at that point of time). Like water on fire. Every small victory helps.

First you need to stop giving into your fear and take charge of your emotions. The more emotional you will get the more ineffective and more you will appear to be unstable. Your abuser would be great at masking his emotions in front of others. Second, if his attempt to take custody has been thwarted then take that as evidence that you may be doing something right. Third, begin documenting every thing in an email to your self. The email will have date stamp that’s untamperable and can be used as evidence of the chaos that’s being caused. Fourth, take your children into confidence about what’s happening. The more you appear as a unit in private and public. The better it would be to counter his claims. Fifth, join a public group when you can participate and contribute to help other people. Building a supportive network will be most crucial. Again this will help in building a persona, that you are a great mom and citizen. If you are working, engage with professionals in social environment and professional environments where they see you perform as a capable person. Network with those in legal arena too. They could give you insight. Please enroll yourself and your children in self defense classes. As much as the harassment will continue, and it may. The only way to rebut the harassment is to build your emotional framework to be stronger.

Charity Fund Raising Work Out by Bodyworks

Last few weeks have been very special for Eksaath Foundation. To help women deal with violence, we are creating self defense programs for girls at school and colleges. And our first program will start in November. All thanks to Venu Adhiya Hirani who owns Bodyworks, a weight management and fitness centre at Juhu.

Every year Bodyworks organises a Sweat Out for Charity program, a gruelling two hour fitness bootcamp to raise funds for social projects. This time around, Venu and Bodyworks, decided to support the self defense training program being organised by Eksaath. The camp has raised Rs 26,500 which will help start this program. This also includes a contribution of Rs 10,000 from Ms Deepa Panchal, a Bodyworks Member.

Eksaath wishes to thank Venu and Deepa, for supporting this initiative which will teach girls tactics on how to defend oneself in the event of an assault or invasion of personal space. A very special thank you to Ms Poonam Wadera who connected all the dots and bought Eksaath Foundation and Bodyworks together and made it happen.

10 year old girl supports Eksaath Foundation

Few weeks back I received a message from an old friend Kalpana V, that her 10 year old daughter, had heard about the work my foundation, Eksaath, is doing work with girls in sports. And she wanted to support Eksaath. This was one of most inspiring things I have experienced in my life. That a 10 year old could think of helping other little girls. She is in the Girl Scouts in US and with the support of other members in her team, she raised Rs 20,000. Plus clothing for children as well. The discussion with the young girl and her mother, happened over few weeks from July to August 2017.

As parents the best thing we can do for this world is to raise caring children. I met the young girl, in August and had an opportunity to interact with her. And she is an absolutely delightful human being. I am sure she will do more wonderful things in the future.

Eksaath Foundation thanks her for this initiative and God bless her with joy and success in everything that she does. Ps: Name of the child has been not mentioned to protect privacy, as requested by the mother.