Eksaath Foundation works to help women and girls deal with domestic violence situations. We believe the only way to deal with assault and violence, whether it be physical or emotional or mental or any other kind is to become more empowered. The more the person in a trauma situation is aware of what the situation is, the better she can deal with it. Eksaath does life, learning and livelihood programs for young girls and women. And help them in becoming more independent – emotionally and financially so that they can take better charge of their lives and deal with violence, should they encounter it.

  • We do awareness programs on what is abuse and violence, how to identify it and combat it. The programs share various techniques to defend oneself and how delink violence and self esteem through dialogue.
  • We conduct self defense training sessions where girls and women are taught physical techniques of defending oneself against attacks.
  • We counsel girls and women in actual abuse and domestic violence situations.
  • We support girls and women and various disenfranchised women through various programs in livelihood, health and education.