A CEO can abuse his wife too!

An Indian CEO was accused of abusing his wife for 10 years. And people re surprised. How can he do this?. Its not possible, its unbelievable etc.

Domestic violence is not carried out only by men in slums, or men drunk, or men unemployed, or this kind of a man or that kind of a man. A rich man is as capable of beating the crap out of his wife as a poor man is. And a woman with money and education and a great job, can also be in a domestic violence situation and choose to live with her violent husband.

Men and women in home wrecks don’t come with horns of their head. Majority lead double, triple lives with multiple personalities. Many abusive people are extremely nice, well respected and admired in society. And at home they are extremely abusive with their families. 

The lady who got abused by the CEO/abuser will have nightmares for next decade and even more unless he seeks therapy. It will be an uphill battle for her to come to terms with one of the most crucial self esteem breakers – how could i let him do this to me! This is one question that torments women more than anything and it becomes worse when you ask this question and you continue to take the violence.

For women who live in abusive situation, the most difficult step is to take that first step towards separation. To say enough. Its quite possible to be in love with your abuser and continue to love him or her. Who we fall in love with, we cannot help. But we can choose how we allow them to treat us.




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