Be respectful, even when going through a divorce.

A male colleague is going through a divorce. While I am not privy to many details, this is what i shared with him. “No matter what the situation in court and personal dealings is, maintain a respectful behaviour towards the to be-ex-wife”.

It’s the most difficult thing to do, especially if the wife is playing difficult. She is asking for an obscene alimony. But the priority should always be the children, and the relationship he would like to have with his children.

Children judge you based on your behaviour towards the mother. No matter what the mother does, she is the creator, genesis and everything for the children. You cannot deny the connection children feel towards their mother. As such as a father who is going through a tough divorce, your best bet is to be respectful of the mother. Not so much for the mother, but so that you are there in the next 40 years of the kids life.

I say this because short sightedness is very easy, when you can be bitchy towards the mother and get even even. But what do you lose in the process? Kids? Is that worth anything or is it worth everything? It’s a very tough choice. But being respectful of the mother, does not cost you anything. Something to think about.


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