Walk away when it does not feel right.

Why women, and men too, need to learn to walk away from their relationships. Our society designates women as ‘the’ person that keeps the family together. It does not matter if the family is emotionally tortured or witnesses a loveless environment or that the family members are feeling suffocated by pretenses and unending compromises with one self and with those around them.

Family ‘is’ about being able to ‘be’. The moment this ability to just ‘be’ is an everyday fight, you know it’s time to re-evaluate things. Separation, divorce is one of the extreme end of the solution spectrum.

Women and men, both, need to be able to negotiate personal spaces with one another, negotiate what they regard as being sacred  for themselves, negotiate what is ok and right to do by them and what is not. AND this right is not defined by the size of anyone’s wallet or public persona or social stature or state of career etc.

At home there are no celebrities or people who have x,y,z assets, but only two people in a relationship. This is one of the fundamental laws of equality that keeps marital or love relationships in balance and in check. The moment this law is broken and the power is misused to keep the other down, it’s time to rethink.

Walking away sometimes then becomes an extreme but only option for the survival of the self.


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