Dead relationships need to be buried too!

Some relationships are like dead bodies that we drag with us. We pretend they are alive when in fact it’s just our breath that keeps it alive. We think by pretending, we can at least have the solace of not being alone. That someone is there for us. How worse could it truly get if you really were actually the only one there? Because in reality, you ‘are’ the only one there! There is nothing more painful than being alone with someone around.

Physical proximity to a person is worth nothing, when emotions are dead. To hang on to such relationships is like having dead weights on your feet and then trying to swim up in the sea of life. There is no way you will not drown. That’s the law of nature. We are more about emotional energies than physical forms. And when energies lapse or turn negative towards us, it’s time to let go of those vessels or bodies which carry them.

Death of a relationship is truly like someone has died. And one needs to bury the dead. Not carry them around.


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