Walk away from emotional dramas.

Walking away is as difficult as being in the drama. Drama is good for those abusing and those getting abused. It means there is activity happening in their lives. And the tug-o-war is something that justifies their ability or inability to do things.

But not all drama spurts from being abused. Sometimes it’s only a way to maintain one’s own point of view. My this, my that, my problem, my life etc. The hyper-emotionalism or drama as one would call it, in a way, keeps many people busy.  They don’t internalise or try to solve or address issues on their own. They externalise and get their immediate world involved in it. Like an activity that justifies their thinking.

Many times, the idea of confrontation/drama gives reason to a lot of people for living. And they subconsciously look forward to it. To live without drama means only one thing. You need to start looking inwards, at your own life, at your own crap which you know you have created and have to live with. Which is scary as hell! So it’s better to pretend to have pathos in your life than to live it.

Over emotionalism works for people who do it. But not for those who are recipients of it. If you are at the receiving end of someone’s tirade against another person or thing, repeatedly? Know this. It will never stop. Not unless you are firm or you have lots of mental space to deal with someone else’s issues.

It’s then better for your own sanity and existence that you walk away from someone else’s drama. You cannot, beyond a point, direct someone else’s script. They need to take the baton and do it themselves. Many use others as emotional crutches and derive mental peace when enough emotional drama has been played out.

If you wish to lead ‘your’ life, exit from the lives of those, where over emotionalism and dramas are an every day occurrence. Even if you think, you help on phone, you still give them mindspace. And that’s like being physically with them, in their lives.

If the person is important, you can firmly tell them about boundaries. But if not, don’t be an emotional martyr or Mother Teresa.  That’s not your job.


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