Can moms and wives be abusive?

When we think of abuse, we automatically think of a man. True, proportion of men who beat their wives will be much larger than women who beat their husband. But both genders are capable of violence. Women can be as abusive as a men. And the damage they perhaps do to their children is worse than what a man does.

Regrettably the domestic violence laws are skewed towards women, for obvious reasons. But abuse is not limited by gender and the laws need to reflect the same. There are many many issues that men have  to deal with when they are abused by women. First, un-believability of the situation. That a woman, his mom or wife has beaten or abused him. It is this narrow view of what violence is all about is skews someone’s perception of who can be violent.

As society, we need to get over this mindset that women are pure beings and incapable of as much violence towards another as a man can be.


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