Sometimes a dose of ‘friend’ can fix many things.


Many women and men end up on the highway to violence because they don’t get a perspective of what they are dealing with. I would say only one thing to them. Cultivate friends.

Even if you feel like hell. Even if you feel crazy or ashamed or anything else. Make an attempt to make a friend. Ask someone you like in the building or at work for a coffee. Share your food with them. Engage with them. Share gossip or information with them. It’s the most difficult thing to make friends, when you are in hell. So as much as its easy to write to do, its equally hellish to actually do. But do.

In a while, you will be able to talk about serious things and get a perspective. It’s most important to get an objective view about things because if you are in a violent situation, the bite of an ant, will make you want to run to the hospital. So try making friends. Someone who will shake you up and  tell you, hey its just an ant that bit you. Its ok.


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