Women perpetrate home violence too.

Most often than not, it is the woman/mother who facilitates and perpetrates the violence against the women. If the woman were to take the whip to her son who is beating  his wife and would beat the crap out of him for raising his hand and abusing his wife, I think the job would be done.

We blame the husband for raising his hand. Why not blame the mother or his father or his family for condoning such behaviour?  Violence is distasteful to people who are not familiar with it or have not experienced themselves in their own lives.

Families don’t wish to interfere. Parents don’t interfere for the sake of their financial future or to protect their own relationship with their son. Mothers, sometimes, take insidious pleasure, when the son beats the wife. She (the mother) gets the upper hand. The son is doing her job. I believe that it’s the woman who needs to be educated the most, especially our previous and current generations.

Violence just does not mean a trip to the hospital or the police station. It can be quiet, controlled, invisible to the world. It not only destroys the woman who goes through it, but also her own family, father, mother, their relatives etc. The worst fruit of this is the children who become owners of corrupted personalities.

Women need to be taught, that a slap on the face or humiliation of the daughter-in-law in public is dooming her next 2-3 generations. Most often, women can’t see how they play a pivotal role in the destruction of the family tree.


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