Free Eyes and Medical Checkup


Organised a Free Eyes & Medical Checkup Camp at a low income school for the parents of the students. The Camp was organised with the support of Rotary E-Club of Mumbai Indians. A very special thank you to the JMRF Trust and JRD trust, who provided the medical tests and consults.

More than 180 parents were tested for the following:
1.  Blood Pressure
2. Diabetes
3. Haemoglobin
4. Bone Density for people over 40 years old.
5. Eye Checkup – including optometry and ophthalmic consultations
6. Final Consultation with physicians

The Camp outcome:
Around 50% of the camp participants were diagnosed with having one ailment or the other – cataract, anemia,  diabetes, low bone mass (1 osteoporotic),  2 Asthma, 2 Allergic rhinitis, Few Conjunctivitis, 1 Atopic Dermatitis and 1 Blepheroconjunctivitis.


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